Thursday, September 9, 2010

Green Eggs

As the weather in Pittsburgh turns cool, onions are a large component of my CSA boxes and greens are once again making there way into my weekly share of edibles. Many of the greens (like turnip and beet) are better sauteed or stewed than served in a salad. While green eggs and ham aren't really my style, I do love green eggs in a different sense: farm fresh, local eggs, scrambled with greens.

Green eggs with a side of green zebra tomato


2 eggs
1/2 small candy onion
handful turnip greens
fresh dill
1/2 T milk (optional)

All these ingredients were in my CSA box except the milk. I love getting eggs in my CSA box because I know I don't have to worry about the salmonella egg recall.  Plus, they're more delicious and better for the chickens, the Earth, and my health. The eggs come from Nu Way Farm in Fredonia, PA - about 75 miles from my kitchen.

The milk was a happy discovery last night. After class I went to the nearby convenience store to pick-up some milk. The only available brand was Turner's. I picked it up and took it home, thinking I'd never heard of the brand before and nothing else. But when I looked at the label this morning, the address was Penn Hills, PA. Just 8 miles from here. With a few minutes research I found out that Turner Dairy Farms has a deal with small dairy farmers within 70 miles of their Penn Hills processing site and all Turner's milk products come from those farmers (all of whom produce rBGH/rBST free milk).

As for the other ingredients, the turnip greens are a little spicy (like arugula) and complement the sweet flavor of the candy onion well. The dill just adds another layer of grooviness.


Heat a tablespoon or less of olive oil in a skillet. Saute chopped candy onion for about a minute. Add chopped and washed turnip greens and cook until wilted. While they're cooking, whisk eggs, milk, and dill. Add to skillet and cook until eggs are ready. Serve with a side of sliced tomato.

You can make this dish as an omelet or scrambled eggs depending on your desire and omelet-making skill level.

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