About Me

My Green Palate writer Erin Hutton

This photo sums me up pretty well. I'm making Julia Child's Bouef Bourgignon, but I'm wearing an apron with a hunter's camo print. I don't hunt but I'm a country girl at heart. However, I love good food whether it's gourmet or down home country.

I'm a writer first and a cook second, but I write about food constantly. The idea for this blog came last spring after I signed up for Penn's Corner CSA. I split the CSA with another friend but still had so much food I really didn't need to grocery shop much. I found myself improvising with lots of new ingredients and recipes. My repertoire began to grow before I started the blog. The recipes came from a desire to use all my fresh, local ingredients before they went bad or finding some way to preserve them that was quick and easy. Often, I couldn't find recipes that quite suited what I wanted so I started writing my own based on sometimes more than ten recipes from all over the web and within my cookbooks.

After awhile I realized two things:
1. I'm probably not the only one having these issues.
2. I want to share these recipes.

And so, My Green Palate was born. I've been having more fun with this than I ever could have imagined. I hope you enjoy reading the blog and leave comments. I'd like this to become a bit more interactive as time goes on, so I'd like to know who you are, dear reader.

All the best in your cooking and eating adventures!

Erin Hutton